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Reversing Dred Scott

This book postulates that Darwinism, coupled with socialism in its various iterations, embarked upon a…

ByByA.E. SamaanJun 20, 2023

Victorian Vampires, Monsters, and Eugenic Degeneration:

Bram Stoker’s famous book Dracula was published in 1897. Dracula is the natural product of…

ByByA.E. SamaanJun 19, 2023

Planned Economies are “Vampire Economies”

There is one underlying aspect about eugenics that persists throughout the science: eugenics is by…

ByByA.E. SamaanJun 19, 2023

Marx & Engels on Eugenic Socialism and Darwin:

Karl Marx made his anti-slavery convictions known, well, by publishing them, while Darwin never publicly…

ByByA.E. SamaanJun 19, 2023

Emma Lazarus, “Mother of Exiles”:

As millions pour into the United States, it is worth recounting what was happening 100…

ByByA.E. SamaanJun 19, 2023

Jazz – The Sound of Multi-Culturalism

The musicians that emancipated American music from its European roots, such as Buddy Bolton, Luis…

ByByA.E. SamaanJun 19, 2023

The Compassionate Prussian:

The legacy of “eugenics” has forever injured Germans. The images of the Mengele as the…

ByByA.E. SamaanJun 19, 2023

The Great Dictator

Adolf Hitler and Charlie Chaplin were born four days apart in April 1889. There are…

ByByA.E. SamaanJun 19, 2023

Obsession with Operation Paperclip.

Everyone is obsessed with Operation Paperclip. Yes, we brought rocket scientists and engineers to the…

ByByA.E. SamaanJun 19, 2023
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