Eugenics Anthology Videography

An overview of the videos created to support The Eugenics Anthology book series.

From a “Race of Masters” to a “Master Race”: 1948 to 1848

Hitler’s National Socialism remains an enigma. Historians do not know whether to slot National Socialism as a phenomenon of the political “right” or the political “left.” This phenomenon is largely due to a misunderstanding of the central role eugenics played in Hitler’s regime. Eugenics, or its German version, “racial hygiene,” was at the core of National Socialism’s domestic policy, foreign policy, and culture wars. Eugenics was even central to Hitler’s obsession with cars, highways, and city planning. Therefore, no coherent understanding of the Nazi regime is possible without first grasping the nature of eugenics.

The Eugenics Anthology is a decades-long project to document and expose the Americans and Britons that collaborated with Hitler's scientists, but which have evaded exposure thus far. With the 100-year anniversary of The Holocaust looming, exposing the eugenic movement’s professional connections is imperative.

"The seeds of Holocaust denial take root in misinformation and prosper with a lack of information.
Clarity and a complete and thorough reckoning are imperative.
Transparency leaves no room for denial theories that would deprive the victims of justice."
~ A.E. Samaan ~