“There is nothing new in the world but the history you do not know.” ~ Harry S. Truman

He helped the Nazis create their racial state. He wrote the legislation that kept European Jews from reaching the safety of U.S. shores. The Nazis rewarded him with an Honorary Degree to Heidelberg University. No history of The Holocaust is complete, or even coherent, without accounting for H.H. Laughlin. Yet, this is the first and only book to ever be written about him.

Below is the back cover blurb. Read the list of Harry H. Laughlin's contributions to history and ask yourself how it is possible that this is the only book written on this man.

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H.H. Laughlin was crucial for the Nazi's crusade to breed a "master race." This American positioned himself to have a significant effect on the world's population. During his career Laughlin:

• Wrote the "Model Eugenical Law" copied by the Nazis to draft the Nuremberg racial decrees.
• Appointed as an "expert" witness for the U.S. Congress when the 1924 Immigration Restriction Act was passed. The 1924 Act would prevent Jewish refugees from reaching the safety of U.S. shores during The Holocaust.
• Provided the "scientific" basis for the 1927 Supreme Court case of Buck v. Bell that made "eugenic sterilization" legal in the United States. Over 80,000 Americans were sterilized against their will as a consequence.
• Defended Hitler's Nuremberg decrees as "scientifically" sound in the American press in order to dispel the criticism of Nazi eugenics.
• Created the political organization that ensured that "scientific racialism" would survive the negative taint of The Holocaust and be instrumental in the Jim Crow era of American legislative racism.

H.H. Laughlin was given an honorary degree from Heidelberg University by Hitler's government, specifically for these accomplishments. Yet, no one has ever written a book on Laughlin . Despite the vast number of books about The Holocaust, Laughlin is mostly unknown outside of academic circles. H.H. Laughlin was funded by the Carnegie Institution of Washington, D.C. This author was given permission to survey Laughlin's archived correspondence at the institution. These documents had not been seen for decades. They are the backbone of this book as they evidence Laughlin's collaboration with Hitler's henchmen. The story told by these long-forgotten documents intensifies at the juncture when the Carnegie leadership came to the horrible realization that one of its most recognized scientists was supporting Hitler's regime.

Concepts Explored

The Science of Eugenics

Eugenics was a core concept and policy goal of the Progressive movement. Eugenics was researched and taught in all major universities in the United States, and the movement was spearheaded by the American Ivy Leagues. Eugenics was the practical application of Darwin's theories, and the most reputable Darwinian biologists of the early 20th Century used their clout to sell the public on the goals and aspirations of the international eugenics movement.

Man as an Animal

Darwinian theories postulated that man was nothing but another animal, and thus could be fully manipulated by leveraging the postulates of "Sexual Selection," the mechanism at the core of Darwin's theory.  Thus, the leap from the breeding of canines and horses was but a natural one for biologists of the era to make. H.H. Laughlin, like so many of his collages in the international eugenics movement, began his career as an animal breeder.

Breeder of Humans

H.H. Laughlin, the Princeton educated horse breeder, was recruited by the most prominent scientist of the era, Harvard's Charles B. Davenport, to extrapolate the "directed evolution" of animal breeding practices and apply them to the human biped. Davenport's and Laughlin's efforts were funded and supported by State and Federal governments, as well as prestigious industrialists such as the Rockefeller and Carnegie institutions.

Nazi Implementation

Long before the National Socialism came to power, and when Adolf Hitler was still a young ingrate artist, Laughlin and Davenport were already in contact with Germany's most prominent scientists. The international eugenics movement met on a yearly basis, and exchanged information on the practical implementation of eugenical laws. It is thus that Laughlin's "Model Eugenical Law" became the basis for the infamous Nuremberg Racial Decrees.

Volume #2 of the Eugenics Anthology

Our history is incomplete. Laughlin’s importance immediately becomes clear within the first pages of the book.

Very few people have heard of Harry H. Laughlin, despite how crucial his work was to Adolf Hitler. Nazism remains an enigma precisely because of how poorly understood the eugenics movement remains to this day. Even seasoned WWII historians fail to grasp how central “racial hygiene” was for Hitler’s biological experiment, and even fewer understand how instrumental Americans like Laughlin were in the international eugenics movement. This book contains a full accounting of Laughlin’s influence on both sides of the Atlantic, before and after WWII.

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