Random but Relevant Thoughts

Original Stiff-Arm Flag Salute:

This is the original way of saluting the US flag. It’s called the Bellamy Salute, and it preceded the Nazi salute. Bellamy created it and wrote the Pledge of Allegiance to bolster his push for public schooling and utopian Socialism in the United States.

Bellamy’s book, “Looking Backwards” described a futuristic eugenic-socialist USA that was eerily similar to Hitlers later vision for Germany. Bellamy was considered more influential than Marx going into the early 20th Century. His “Nationalist Clubs” had chapters in dozens of nations, and his version of “national socialism” was being propagandized by his daughter all the way up till 1935 when Hitler’s National Socialism made it an uncomfortable comparison. However, most of FDR’s brain trust behind the New Deal were Bellamy devotees.